Polymer Partnership

ESGold entered into a joint venture agreement with DMCMS Inc. to produce and sell construction building materials. The new Joint Venture will use an organic Polymer that will bond the processed tailings into building materials with shapes including, Bricks, Cinder Blocks, Paving Stones, Patio Tiles, Parking Columns and Highway Jersey Barriers used to define traffic lanes. The Polymer can also be used to easily create temporary roads replacing the need for toxic asphalt and concrete.

With the addition of this initiative to ESGold’s operations, the Company can complete the cycle of environmental responsibility (ESG) at its Montauban Project.

When production begins at the mill in 2023, ESGold will be able to take the toxic tailings on its site, use a three (3) stage process to profitably extract Gold and Silver while removing the toxins from the tailings. This is a major environmental feat but now, with the announcement of this new Joint Venture, the Company will take the newly processed and clean tailings, mix this with the polymer and then form a variety of construction materials. The polymer is organic, requires no furnace cooking to set and as a result produces no Carbon Dioxide (“CO2”) in the creation of the building materials which have proven to be stronger than concrete.

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