Ottawa River Gold Project Overview

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ESGold established a 50/50 partnership with Nepean Bay Joint Venture (NBJV) to evaluate the economic value of the waste material on the riverbed of the Ottawa River in front of the Royal Canadian Mint. NBJV has the authority and exclusive rights to explore and recover this material from the riverbed. ESGold is ready to lead the way in this exciting endeavor of finding lost wealth along the Ottawa River. Join us in this exciting venture!

History of the Royal Canadian Mint

From 1908 to 1975, Mint Canada discarded gold and other metals directly into the Ottawa River. In 1975, governmental laws prohibited discarding precious metals in the river. Even though metal can no longer be discarded in the river, that does not mean that there aren’t large amounts of wealth to be uncovered and processed in the area. Over the years, Mint Canada has processed a whopping +300,000,000 oz of gold from its facilities in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The Ottawa River has huge potential, and now more than ever is the time to find it.

Preparatory Work Completed to Date

If discovering gold was simple, everyone would be doing it. Luckily, we have worked on perfecting the proprietary ability to recover material from the riverbed. We utilize environmentally responsible methods like commercial drivers and “airlift” technology to aid our gold finding and processing methods. Steps we’ve taken to successfully find and extract gold include:

  1.  Work on perfecting the proprietary ability to recover the material from the riverbed
  2.  The use of commercial drivers and “airlift” technology
  3.  Collection of 20 tons of material from various high-priority areas
  4.  Completed a Bathymetry survey and incorporated it into 3D models
  5.  Identified three target areas for immediate geological survey


The Ottawa River is one of the great rivers of the North American continent. It is the second largest river in eastern Canada. Given its large size, we must optimize our gold searching and processing methods. To optimize our processes, we updated our bathymetric survey of the riverbed to measure the water depth and map the underwater features and river bottom. As a result, we have found two priority areas and three highvalue targets to look for gold. These promising areas indicate that a gold rush might be upon us.

What’s Next?

If you are interested in our journey to finding and processing gold across the Ottawa
River, contact us at @contact info or visit our website:
The Ottawa River Project is a high reward undertaking with incredibly exciting
prospects. We encourage you to join us in striking gold and finding treasure in the great
Ottawa River.


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