Project Details

Historical information points to thousands of tonnes of waste directly dumped in the Ottawa river from the pre-melt gold processing by the Canadian Mint.  The historical information shows that the Mint produced approximately 225 million ounces of gold from 1908-1976 and it is estimated that approximately 2.5% of the gold was lost, most in the “sweeps”.

The exact ounces of gold refined is unknown,but archives indicate 225 M oz from 1908-1976.

  • The metal recovery is unknown. However,“sweeps” (slag, fine particles, tails etc.) from refining process were directly discarded.
  • The sweep material discarded was gravity fed into two drain systems that lead directly into the Ottawa River. Estimated 2.5-3% of Gold Loss,most in the “sweeps”.
  • The Royal Mint never investigated it's historic losses, hence NBJV interest and involvement in
    the project.
  • NBJV has negotiated the authority and the exclusive rights to explore and recover the material from the Ottawa River, and much progress has been made



  • NBJV has historically collected 20 tonnes of material from various locations, including high priority area 
  • The new 50/50 partnership with ESGold and NBJV will bring the expertise that has historically been lacking in identifying the proper recovery methodology for the separation of the gold from the slag waste material


  •  In July of 2022 ESGold completed an eight-day diving program where small sampling and bulk samples of the riverbed materials were recovered and sent for laboratory analysis. The assay lab results demonstrated that the Ottawa riverbed samples taken had gold content in most of the samples sent for analysis. 
  •  In the Summer of 2023 ESGold plans to complete a targeted sampling of the Ottawa riverbed materials based on the data collected from the sonar scan and bathymetry work completed in the summer of 2022.