The Montauban Mine Property was mined intermittently between 1910 and 1990. These operations resulted in several tailing piles. We intend to reprocess these tailing piles using modern milling techniques to revitalize the site. We believe we can find wealth in the Montauban Mine Property by updating existing and outdated infrastructure through our state-of-the-art technology

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Project Overview and Statistics

This project has huge potential, and we have made great strides in getting closer to striking gold and silver in the area. To better understand our current undertaking, here is some key information about this project:  
• Located in mining-friendly Quebec, Canada  
• 80km North-West of Quebec City  
• 65 mining claims and one mining concession covering 1846 hectares  
• 462,000 tons grading 0.31 g/t of AU, 32 g/t Ag, and 5% mica  
• 700,000 tons of resource potential Gold and silver in the area are just waiting for us to find them. It is our mission to extract gold and silver effectively and efficiently.

3D Modeling of the Montauban Gold and Silver Processing Plant

Currently, the zones of interest desperately need optimization and revitalization. Current systems urgently need renovation, and we are answering the call. We have the technology, knowledge, and resources to bring about a new wave of processing and mining in the area.The primary zone of interest is in the Anacon Lead 1 tailings site. This site underwent a historic resource estimation in 2011 and will be remediated. Four other tailing sites will be evaluated as modern mill feed. The underlying hard rock mineralization, which was previously mined, will undergo modern systematic exploration to build a resource to provide future mill feed once the residue sites have been fully reprocessed. Once we have fully optimized and updated these sites, we will be steps closer to what we believe will be a Canadian Gold and Silver Rush.




Located in mining friendly Quebec Canada
We are putting large amounts of effort and time into understanding the areas and how much gold and silver we can uncover. If you are interested in our journey in optimizing the search for gold and silver in the Montauban Mine Property through our innovative technology, contact us at @contact info or visit our website:   

The Montauban Gold Project is a step in the right direction to accomplish our goal of striking gold and silver and finding treasure in Canada. We encourage you to join us on this journey and see the resulting wealth we uncover. The future is looking bright with the Montauban Gold Project!