Let Us Help You Strike Gold

Formerly known as Secova Metals Corp, ESGold Corp. is an exploration stage company based in Vancouver, Canada. We engage in finding, researching, and evaluating mineral properties in Canada. We aim to mine and search for assets like gold and silver, as well as search for undervalued Canadian assets that are near-term revenue-producing. ESGold Corp. primarily holds 100% interest in the Eagle River project, which includes 4,354 hectares in the Windfall Lake Gold District in Quebec. Our other projects include the Ottawa River Project and the Montauban River Project. We strive to mine in areas believed to hold space for a potential Canadian gold and silver rush.

What is the Montauban River Project?

The Montauban Mine Property was mined intermittently between 1910 and 1990. These operations resulted in several tailing piles. We intend to reprocess these tailing piles using modern milling techniques to revitalize the site. We believe we can find wealth in the Montauban Mine Property by updating existing and outdated infrastructure through our state-of-the-art technology.

What is the Ottawa River Project?

ESGold established a 50/50 partnership with Nepean Bay Joint Venture (NBJV) to evaluate the economic value of the waste material on the riverbed of the Ottawa River in front of the Royal Canadian Mint. NBJV has the authority and exclusive rights to explore and recover this material from the riverbed. ESGold is ready to lead the way in this exciting endeavor of finding lost wealth along the Ottawa River.

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Our Mission

To be an environmentally aware mining and exploration company. We focus on our commitment to being environmentally friendly, and we pride ourselves on prioritizing our commitment to net-zero or positive environmental impact opportunities.

What Sets Us Apart?

We are an eco-conscious mining and exploration company with an experienced team with a proven track record of discovering high-value assets. We also possess an array of innovative resources, state-of-the-art technology, and bounds of mining knowledge. We are at the forefront of gold and silver mining in Canada. At every step of the process, we pursue and utilize the latest technology and methods to yield optimal results.


Our current asset portfolio includes the Eagle River Project, the Montauban Gold and Silver Mine Project, and the Ottawa River Project. We strongly believe that these projects will help us find long-lost wealth in Canada.

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If you are interested in our journey to find and process gold and silver across Canada, contact us at @contact info or visit our website: https://esgold.com/es-gold-home/. Our endeavors are a high-reward undertaking with incredibly exciting prospects. We encourage you to join us in this worthwhile venture!